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S-COOL Ultra Safety 

S-COOL Ultra Safety Series is our latest innovative technology and the breakthrough in the window film industry. We develop the film with the best solar control performance yet a security film of 6 mil that can protects you & your love ones from serious traffic accident and any attempt of breaking into your glass windows.  


S-COOL Super Ceramic

S-COOL Super is the top of the range S-COOL window film.

It is specially designed to have the highest heat rejection rate. it allows 65% of daylight transmissions to filter through while selectively cutting out 97% of infrared heat. Be ready to have an enjoyable drive with your loved ones just by installing S-COOL Super Ceramic Series .


S-COOL Performance Ceramic 

Reliable and with finest quality of S-COOL window films, S-COOL Performance Ceramic offers excellent value for money. You will feel the difference after using S-COOL Performance Ceramic compared to conventional window films.


S-COOL For Life

Life is precious because we can only live for once. Therefore, S-COOL is ready to keep you and your loved ones protected from shattering glass and other risks during traffic accidents. S-COOL For Life is designed with multi-layered window safety films which are up to 10 times thicker than conventional window films. After installing S-COOL For Life, you can feel safe and secure while enjoying your drive. Our proprietary technology built with multiple layers of construction offers high impact absorption in case emergency.