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S-COOL is the world leading heat protection window film company with its head office in Singapore. Our proprietary products included Super Ceramic ATO window film, provides the best high heat protection and value for money. This is the result of dedications and efforts by our R&D team, whom founded the use of this special ceramic compound for maximum heat rejection. Our founders started marketing solar control window film since 2007, under the brand S-COOL Solar & Security Window Film. Based in Singapore, our team strives to offer the best heat rejection experience to the automotive & architectural market. Over the years, we are delighted to have received numerous good responses from our customers who have experienced S-COOL Super-Series ceramic window film. Some of our clients include international airports , foreign embassies, international schools , hospitals & government projects. Through years of  building our expertise in the window film industry, we are now expanding into Paint Protection Film, Windshield Protection Film , Nano Ceramic Coating & many other products that are suitable for Automotive & Architectural market. We intensively focus on research & development to produce top grade & cutting edge products so that our customers could enjoy the best experience from using our products. At S-COOL , quality is never be compromised. Our competitors are focusing on reducing prices to enlarge their market shares but not us . We focus on developing quality products because our clients deserve quality protection.  


To be the leading solar & security window films company in the world



To keep the world staying cool & staying safe.
















Our customer is the top priority of all the decisions we make. We want to maximize the value to our customers by giving the best products and services at a reasonable price. The customers are are the reasons for us to exist.

We offer a good working environment for our people and nurture them so that they can have a good living condition.

We want to create an impact to the community where we operate our business by offering the best and latest technological products which can save energy and protect the well-being of our customers.


We work as a team with our management , distributors and the stakeholders involved. Together as a team, everyone can achieve more

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